Service Anniversaries

May 2018

Thank you to the following staff who have contributed 375 years of service to the university by reaching the following service anniversaries.

Name Years of Service Unit/Department
BRIDGET HENRY 10 Art Department
DARIA TROXELL 10 Undergraduate Education
DAVID CIOLINO 10 Asst VC Physical Planning & Constr
ERIC SHELL 10 Information Technology Services
JOSHUA YBARRA 10 Physical Plant Services
MELANIE GODINHO 10 Film and Digital Media Department
MICHAEL KNIGHT 10 Housing Services
RON DINAPOLI 10 Physical Plant Services
TRUNG TRAN 10 Planning and Budget
JAMES FOX 10 Information Technology Services
ASTRID SHANNON 15 Student Health Services
JENNIE KULCZYK 15 Information Technology Services
REX CORE 15 Information Technology Services
KATHRYN MESA 20 Biomolecular Engineeering Department
KATHRYN WILSON 20 Academic Personnel Office
KISCHKA BLUSPIRO 20 Undergraduate Education
LINDA KNUDSON 20 University Relations
PHILLIP STARK 20 Information Technology Services
TERESA LEOPOLD 20 Transportation & Parking Services
THOMAS ZUUR 20 Transportation & Parking Services
MARIANNA SANTANA 35 Politics Department