Nominations are now accepted to fill four openings on the SAB for the 2021-2022 year!

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(submission deadline is March 31)

Currently, the Board membership is 14, and there is plenty to keep us all busy! This year, the SAB hosted Chancellor and Leadership Staff Fora, participated in multiple senior leadership searches, served on over a dozen campus committees, raised money through Giving Day for staff scholarship or need funds, and engaged in general advocacy for staff at our campus and across the system. 

In normal years, we would have also been working on a Staff Appreciation Picnic, and service milestone recognition events. While the changes to all our lives wrought by COVID-19 made many of these things impossible this year, staff recognition remains a crucial piece of our work. 

To work on such a wide range of projects, the SAB relies on engaged staff members to serve on the Board and its various committees. At this time, the UCSC Staff Advisory Board is soliciting nominations (self or others) of candidates to fill open seats in the 2021-2022 Board. There are currently four openings.

To be eligible for Board membership, nominees must be policy governed (non-represented) and either past probation in a Career/Partial-Year Career appointment or in a Contract appointment with at least six months served in that contract.

The customary term of office for each member is three (3) years. The term begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Contracted staff employees or other employees, for whom serving a three-year term is not possible, may serve a shorter term. Their availability will be mentioned in their candidate summary during elections.

All eligible and willing nominees will be presented to the general Staff Assembly (all staff members) for a vote in April. The four nominees with the highest vote count will be appointed to the Board.