The 2021 elections for new members are now live. Please cast your vote!
SAB Ballot


The ballot will remain open through Friday, April 16, 2021. Each staff member can submit one ballot, voting for up to four of the candidates. 

Currently, we have 4 openings on the 2021-2022 Board. The four candidates with the highest vote totals will be appointed as of July 1. Our current candidates are all policy-covered staff in career appointments, so if appointed, they would serve a three-year term. 

All candidates are listed below along with their statements to the campus. Questions or concerns about this process should be directed to ucscsab@ucsc.edu

Al Covington

Position: ITS HR Manager

Years of Service: 6.5

If I'm able to continue my service on the Staff Advisory Board, I will continue pursuing resources and support for staff on our campus, while giving a voice to the non-represented folks who do not have one.

As an HR professional by education and experience, I fully understand the need to advocate for the welfare and diversity of all staff in order to attract, retain, and motivate the colleagues we spend more time with than our own families. Helping to serve in an advisory capacity to campus leadership and other campus parties or organizations by continuing my service on the SAB will allow me to do that.

Jessica Bulleri

Position: Wellness Coordinator

Years of Service: 2

I have been at UCSC for a little over two years now and have fallen in love with our beautiful campus and vibrant community. As the Wellness Coordinator and co-chair of UCSC Healthy Campus, I develop wellness programming for faculty and staff and aim to build a work and learning environment that supports the health and wellbeing of our community. In addition to these roles, I am also a member of the OERR Employee Resilience Workgroup, which is part of the Operations and Employee Recovery and Resiliency Workgroups, where we have been tasked to address the changing needs and concerns of the campus community as we transitioned to remote work at the beginning of the pandemic, and as we begin our transition back to campus. I have completed the Sustainability Certificate Program and am on track to complete the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program in April. I am eager to become more involved in the larger campus community and would love the opportunity to advocate for our staff and help address their challenges and concerns.

Patrick Randolph

Position: Manager TAPS Sales Office

Years of Service: 3.5

I have been a student at UCSC and now, much later in life, I am employed by the campus Transportation and Parking Services. Expectedly, I have seen this campus change significantly since I first came here in 1980 as a freshman in Merrill. Having spent those "formative" years here and once again now, I have not stopped loving this campus and feeling like there is something more I can give back to it. Currently in my my day to day work, I meet with a large array of staff, faculty and students, and I hear directly from them what they struggle with on a daily basis. It is because of this contact that I feel like I can contribute to the dialogue on campus related to staff concerns and needs for the future. There are so many of us that come to work and go home at the end of the day feeling like we are not always heard or that we didn't have an opportunity to share our ideas or opinions in a way that is constructive and moves systems in a positive way. Albeit often grudgingly, we all come to TAPS at some time to buy a permit or bus pass. Why not take that moment to pass on your opinions on parking or anything else that comes to mind? In this venue, as well as in any other opportunities that arise, I will insure that people are heard.

Ryan Ervin

Position: Sr. Custodial Supervisor

Years of Service: 12

I started UCSC as a custodian, I worked as a custodian at Family Student Housing for 6 1/2 years before getting a new position as Senior Building Maintenance Worker at Family Student Housing for 3 years. I am currently a Senior Custodial Supervisor working for PPDO, I feel my background will give diversity to the SAB because of the positions I have held at UCSC. I know the struggles of working hard labor jobs and I feel I can be a voice for staff who may feel like their concerns and hard work are not heard or acknowledged.

Ryan Macleod

Position: Coordinator for Residential Education

Years of Service: 4

I have worked on campus for 4 years and have taken advantage of some of the great things SAB has sponsored. I would love to give back while learning about more of the university and other staff members. I have been able to meet so many through housing folx from the CZU fires and this seems like another great way to give back!

Sara Dolan

Position: Instructional Design Supervisor

Years of Service: 2.5

I would be honored to join my esteemed colleagues serving as members of the UCSC Staff Advisory Board. As an Instructional Design Supervisor with the UC Scout team, I connect with a variety of leaders, technical teams, teachers, and students to develop innovative courses and achieve mission-aligned goals. Over the past few years, I’ve contributed to initiatives such as CA Assembly Bill AB1602 and the implementation of several emergent technologies. I’ve applied course design skills to establish user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) processes and streamlined publishing/distribution methods. I have also led projects that resulted in increased equity, accessibility, and improved the user experience for high school courses and programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By joining, I could bring my unique perspectives (including the rapid yet successful scaling up of UC Scout) to the Staff Advisory Board. My intention is to improve the UCSC learning experience by supporting all staff members. If I was nominated to join this group, I would remain committed to making mindful, informed contributions to the UC community as a whole.

Stephanie Mott

Position: Data Warehouse Programmer

Years of Service: 4.9

There are many things about our UCSC community which I love, but there are many staff members that currently do not feel that they have a voice or say in how they are managed. There is a real lack of viable ways that staff can give feedback as to their working conditions and their manager's performance. UCSC has one of the lowest job satisfaction ratings in the UC system. I want to help each staff member find their voice to make UCSC 'great again'! :) I served as the Board President of for the Mid-County Children's Center for two years and as Finance Chairperson at the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz for 4 years.