Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA)

John Steele - UCSC Senior CUCSA Delegate

John Steele photo

I am a Kresge 1989 alum. I majored in Philosophy. I came back to work at UCSC in 1998 working in Information & Technology Services.

Working with the SAB has provided me with many opportunities to meet many great people on our campus and in our community. It has given me better insight into how it all fits together both in Santa Cruz, and system wide.

I am honored this year to be chairing the Campus Advocacy Group and Second Harvest Holiday Food Drive, as well as being your senior CUCSA representative.

As we move forward through these challenging times I trust that the fine work of the SAB and its constituents will make our campus stronger and more dynamic.

Angela Steele - UCSC Junior CUCSA Delegate

Angela Steele photo

I have worked at UCSC for 21 years and am also an alum of the UCSC Jack Baskin School of Engineering. I am currently the IT Manager for the Film and Digital Media Department. As IT Manager, I am responsible for all IT related services in Film and Digital Media; from application development, post-production support, business system development, compliance, classroom technology integration, to specialized computing facility design.

I am honored this year to be chairing the UCSC Staff Advisory Board and look forward to bringing the voice of my colleagues to leadership at UCSC and Office of the President.