Current SAB Members

Don CalerdineDon Calerdine photo

Department: Information Technology Services (ITS)
Years of Service: 16
First Year Serving on SAB: 2004

Campus Committees: Campus Conduct Board (Lead), Advisory Committee on Campus Transportation & Parking (Lead)
Internal Committees: Staff Appreciation Picnic

(831) 459-4371

Personal Statement

Greetings Colleagues,

I want to thank you for electing me to the SAB. As a relative newcomer to UCSC staff having accepted an IT position in the Chancellors/EVC’s office in Jan 2000, I still have watched a tremendous amount of change happen on campus. Part of the change was the centralization of IT, which moved my job to the position of IT-LIT working for BAS. As someone that has had to partake with positional change due to campus restructuring, I can commiserate with what a lot of staff members are dealing with. Most of the change of course, has been driven by financial reasons, making for difficult decisions for all. I strongly believe that the SAB voice has been able to provide administration with valuable input, as choices are made.

As a father of 4 daughters that are either immersed in the California college system or graduated, I also have a parents point of view also, as we sign the checks….

A lover of all things outside from the beach to high mountains meadows, hiking, and most sports. An unexpected well cooked meal somewhere unknown, and road-trips with the quirky habit of taking photos in old spooky historical graveyards. And oh yea, Go Giants!

Fiona WeigantFiona Weigent photo

Department: Education Department
Title: Department Manager
Years of Service: 15
First Year Serving on SAB: 2011

Campus Committees: Outstanding Staff Award (Lead), Graduate Student Commons, United Way Committee (Lead)
Internal Committees: Advocacy, Staff Appreciation Picnic

(831) 459-4102

Personal Statement

I am a Cowell college 2001 alum.  I majored in History with a minor in Legal Studies.  I have been a UCSC employee since October 2001.  I have worked in the Social Sciences Division, the Physical & Biological Sciences Division, Planning and Budget and the Office of Research.  I am now the Education Department Manager.

I became involved with the SAB when I volunteered to be on the Staff Advocacy Committee.  I am a past chair (2013-14) of SAB and I had the honor to serve as a UCSC delegate to the UC Council of Staff Assemblies for 2013-14 and 2014-15.  I feel strongly about creating and maintaining a supportive healthy work environment for all UCSC employees.  I look forward to the challenges each new year brings with excitement and they you for the opportunity to serve as your advocate.

Theo DiamantopoulosTheo Diamantopoulos photo

Department: Fleet Services
Years of Service:
First Year Serving on SAB:

Campus Committees: Campus Conduct Board, Advisory Committee on Campus Transportation & Parking, Holiday Food Drive
Internal Committees: Staff Appreciation Picnic, Child Care

(831) 459-1938

Personal Statement

As a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, I personally witnessed the hard work and dedication that goes into delivering our students a first class education. As the campus Fleet Manager for the past 3 years, I know the pride we all feel in being able to provide our students the same tranquil environment, conducive to learning that many of us UC grads enjoyed. I strongly believe we can maintain this atmosphere for students, even in the midst of these trying times, and ensure that the staff experience continues to improve. My concerns are your concerns. Salary has been largely stagnant for many of us, while workloads have increased. Represented staff have seen wage increases to compensate them for rising benefits contributions and we have not. Now more than ever, we need fellow staff members to advocate for us on these issues. I look forward to representing you on the Staff Advisory Board so that dialogue on these issues will continue and our voices may continue to be heard.

John Steele (Senior CUCSA Delegate)John Steele photo

Department: Information Technology Services (ITS)
Title: Programer Analyst
Years of Service: 18
First Year Serving on SAB: 2009

Campus Committees: Council of UC Staff Assemblies-CUCSA, Holiday Food Drive Chair (Lead), Student Fee Advisory Committee (Lead), Welcome to Retirement Committee (Lead)
Internal Committees: Advocacy (Lead), Thumbs Up (Lead), Elections (Lead), Staff Recognition Program, Staff Mentorship Pilot Program (Lead), Staff Morale, Staff Appreciation Picnic, Child Care (Lead)

(831) 459-4065

Personal Statement

Greetings Colleagues,

I am a Kresge 1989 alum. I majored in Philosophy. I came back to work at UCSC in 1998 working in Information & Technology Services.

Working with the SAB has provided me with many opportunities to meet many great people on our campus and in our community. It has given me better insight into how it all fits together both in Santa Cruz, and system wide.

I am honored this year to be chairing our local Staff Advisory Board. I am also chairing our Campus Advocacy Group and Second Harvest Holiday Food Drive, as well as being your junior CUCSA representative.

As we move forward through these challenging times I trust that the fine work of the SAB and its constituents will make our campus stronger and more dynamic.

Angela Steele (Chair, Junior CUCSA Delegate)Angela Steele photo
(she, her, hers)

Department: Information Technology Services (ITS)
Title: IT Manager, Film & Digital Media Department
Years of Service: 21
First Year Serving on SAB: 2014

Campus Committees: Council of UC Staff Assemblies-CUCSA, Chancellor's Diversity Advisory Council (Lead), Holiday Food Drive, Campus Response to National Events (Lead)
Internal Committees: Staff Appreciation Picnic, Chancellor's Forums (Lead), Staff Recognition Program (Lead), Marketing, Staff Morale (Lead), Blood Drive (Lead), Scotts Valley Center (Lead)

(831) 459-4242

Personal Statement

As an employee for 21 years and alumna (Oakes, Class of 1999), I have a deep appreciation for the UCSC campus, it's unique culture, and the amazing students that we are honored to support in advancing their education.    

I would like to deepen my service to the campus and it's dedicated staff by representing them on the Staff Advisory Board, while working to improve conditions for all the members of our community.  Over the last 7 years I've spent significant time researching policies and information pertaining to staff benefits, retirement, and general employment.  I believe I bring a strong knowledge base and proficient understanding of both campus and Office of the President guidelines relating to staff.

For the last five years I have served as a volunteer and the accountant for campus Holiday Food Drive.  For several years, I have had the great honor to be a mentor  and board member for the Smith Renaissance Society.

Michael Luttrell (Chair Elect)Michael Luttrell photo

Department: Conference Services
Title: Student Supervisor/Conference Coordinator
Years of Service: 9
First Year Serving on SAB: 2010

Campus Committees: Campus Conduct Board, Pay for Performance Advisory Committee (Lead)
Internal Committees: Staff Appreciation Picnic (Lead), Staff Mentorship Pilot Program, Staff Recognition Program, Marketing (Lead), Staff Morale, Elections, Blood Drive, Chancellor's Forums, Advocacy, Scotts Valley Center (Lead), Child Care

Office: (831) 459-4828
Cell: (831) 212-4179

Personal Statement

I was a student at UCSC From 2003 - 2007 and a student employee at OPERS during all 4 years, working for event staff, athletics, and the East Field House Facility Center.  I was then hired by OPERS as the interim Facility Center Supervisor where I supervised the Center student staff.  In April 2008, I was hired in my current job as a Conference Coordinator and Student Supervisor at UCSC Conference Services.  Working for Conference Services, I have the pleasure of working with a variety of different departments all across campus.  I have gained valuable experience from this interaction with our diverse campus population of faculty, staff and administrators.  Over the past 7 years, I have been directly affected by the ever-changing world of the UC system, both as a student, student employee and as career staff. Especially now, in this time of budget cuts and changing campus environment,  I am happy to serve on The SAB and give a fresh and energetic outlook to things, from the many perspectives that my experience has exposed me to.  I have always been very passionate about my work and the departments I have worked in for at UCSC.  In my second year on the board I am very excited to serve and continue to contribute to make this a better environment for our staff members, which in return makes this a better University for our students.

Julie Phillips (Secretary)Julie Phillips photo
(she, her, hers)

Department: CHES
Title: Coordinator for Residential Education, College Nine
Years of Service: 5
First Year Serving on SAB: 2013

Campus Committees: Staff HR Advisory Group, Outstanding Staff Award, Police Community Advisory Board
Internal Committees: Staff Appreciation Picnic, Staff Morale, Elections, Chancellor's Forums

(831) 459-4201

Personal Statement

A transplant to California, I have worked in a number of educational institutions during my career, including a stint teaching English in China and South Korea. UCSC's unique campus community and culture is both what attracted me here and what has motivated me to get involved in the SAB. I serve as a Coordinator for Residential Education for College Nine and primarily work with first-year students that live on campus.

I am always amazed by the dedication of UCSC staff, and by how much we collectively contribute to making UCSC a great institution! During my time on the SAB, I have worked with other board members to advocate for staff regarding wage/cost of living increases, maintenance of employee wellness programs, improvements to campus safety, and retention/improvement of staff benefits, among others. I believe many challenges lay ahead due to increasing student enrollments, and I am committed to being an advocate for staff as we navigate these waters. Last, but certainly not least, I look forward to seeking new ways to celebrate and appreciate the staff community!

David RanzolinDavid Ranzolin photo

Department: Scout from University of California
Title: Research Analyst
Years of Service: 2
First Year Serving on SAB: 2015

Campus Committees: Outstanding Staff Award, Holiday Food Drive
Internal Committees: Staff Appreciation Picnic, Elections, Advocacy

(408) 450-4947

Personal Statement

I have the privilege of working for Scout, a UC program that neighbors University Extension in Santa Clara. I see the SAB as a unique opportunity to better serve our students, colleagues, and local communities, and I am excited about its current growth and future potential.

A little about me: when I’m not playing basketball or reading, my wife and I enjoy hanging out with our cat Mycroft and complaining about how long we have to wait for the next season of BBC’s Sherlock.

Matthew SloanMatthew Sloan photo
(he, him, his)

Department: CHES: Facilities Maintenance
Title: Facilities Asset Coordinator
Years of Service: 3
First Year Serving on SAB: 2015

Campus Committees: Holiday Food Drive
Internal Committees: Staff Appreciation Picnic, Scotts Valley Center

(831) 212-5018

Personal Statement

I see education as the cornerstone of civilization. It is an honor to be of service to this great educational institution and to be a member of the Staff Advisory Board. Connecting with different campus departments and representing the needs of the staff is very rewarding. Working at UCSC is a blessing - to walk outside my office and smell the ocean air in the redwoods is incredible.

I am an avid competitive cyclist. Self-reflection, the arts, and education are also important to me. I love living in Santa Cruz. I don’t think I could be happier anywhere on Earth.

Derek DeMarcoDerek DeMarco photo
(he, him, his)

Department: CHES
Title: Coordinator for Residential Education
Years of Service: 3
First Year Serving on SAB: 2016

Campus Committees: Committee on Sustainability and Stewardship (Lead)
Internal Committees: Staff Appreciation Picnic, Blood Drive

(831) 459-5230

Personal Statement

Though not an alum, I quickly felt at home here at UCSC, and hope to serve the SAB and campus community to help continue creating a home for others. I joined campus in the fall of 2013 as a member of CHES, specifically serving as a Coordinator for Residential Education in the Crown College Residence Halls. I spend a lot of my time working directly with students and student leaders; encouraging conversations around personal development, social justice, and leadership.

I hope my time with the SAB affords me the opportunity to help our campus move forward in a challenging world. Our work as an institution of educating the citizens of our nation and the world play a crucial role in shaping a future we can be proud to leave for the next generation. SAB does great work in ensuring our staff can continue this important work, and I am pleased to contribute what I can.

Patti SchellPatti Schell photo

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Title: Department Manager, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Years of Service: 8
First Year Serving on SAB: 2016

Campus Committees: TBD
Internal Committees: Scotts Valley Center

(831) 459-2537

Personal Statement

Grateful and appreciative to have this opportunity to serve on the SAB.

Born and raised in Washington State, I am a recent "transplant" to California. Santa Cruz was an annual vacation spot for my family as my in-laws lived here. Each visit my husband and I would always ponder - wouldn't it be great to live here....and well here we are!

My work experience is in project management and high level administrative support. I have worked in both the private and public sector including a public university located in central Washington and two start up biotech firms.

Having served on the local board and also system-wide board for ABOG (UC Academic Business Officers Group), I feel it is a natural progression to now continue that service component of my career through the SAB. I hope to be able to facilitate communication and awareness between these two staff organizations by providing an academic staff perspective to the SAB and broaden visibility of SAB activities across campus.

Nikki VamosiNikki Vamosi photo

Department: Real Estate Office
Title: Assistant Director
Years of Service: 5
First Year Serving on SAB: 2016

Campus Committees: United Way Committee, Holiday Food Drive
Internal Committees: Staff Recognition Program

(831) 459-1840

Personal Statement

Very excited and grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Staff Advisory Board.

I have worked at UCSC for around five years. Before joining the Real Estate Office, I worked in Business Contracts. I am a mother of two very energetic young boys. I have a background in law, mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution.

My family is from rural coal mining country near West Virginia. I was the first in my family to graduate from a four-year institution after high school. I can personally attest to the life-altering impact higher education can have and truly believe in the University's research and teaching mission.

Staff serve such a critical role in support of this mission. I look forward to learning more about how I can make a positive contribution to support the needs and interests of staff across all areas of campus.