Outstanding Staff Award

The Staff Advisory Board is pleased to partner with the campus Alumi Association to recognize an outstanding staff member. Each year the review committee solicits the greater UC Santa Cruz community for Outstanding Staff Award nominations. This award seeks to recognize the work of a staff member who:

  • Goes "above and beyond" to provide distinguished service to students, staff, and/or faculty colleagues
  • Works to grow and improve programs on campus, andContributes to UC Santa Cruz's unique intellectual and physical environment
  • Contributes to UC Santa Cruz's unique intellectual and physical environment

Celebrating this year's Outstanding Staff Award winners

The Outstanding Staff Award, established by the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association in 1995, is presented annually in collaboration with the Staff Advisory Board to recognize sustained, distinguished service by staff to student life, the growth and improvement of UCSC's programs, and the preservation of UCSC's unique intellectual and physical environment. This award honors the very best among our dedicated UCSC staff. 

So many staff members went above and beyond during 2020-2021. It was a year filled with continual changes and challenges for us all, and we worked together through the unexpected and urgent situations brought about by COVID-19 and wildfire threats in our community. We recognize the tireless commitment and dedication of so many staff as we honor five among us.

While it is customary to name one winner each year, we are honoring four honorable mentions in light of this unprecedented year. Join us in celebrating this year’s honorees.

Outstanding Staff Award Winner - Michael J. Luttrell

Michael J. Luttrell

Operations Manager, Conference Services, CHES, Student Health Services, Student Affairs & Success

This year's Oustanding Staff Award winner, Michael Luttrell, was temporarily redeployed from conference services to managing COVID-19 testing. He showed versatility, grace, and good humor under pressure as he worked hard to keep the campus safe during a chaotic year of pandemic fears and a devastating wildfire. Read more about Michael and the four honorable mention winners here.



Honorable Mentions:

Rocio De La CruzRocio De La Cruz

Sr. Custodial Supervisor, Physical Planning Development & Operations - Physical Plant Services



Frank DangFrank Dang

Student Health Services IT Lead



Christina LombardoChristina Lombardo

Industrial Hygiene Specialist, Environmental Health & Safety





Michael TassioMichael Tassio

Director, UC Santa Cruz Online Education; Chief of Staff, Academic Affairs





Previous Recipients

Bellow are the prior staff members who have been recognized as Outstanding Staff. They are just a few of many staff members of UC Santa Cruz who work to change the lives of students every day on our campus.



Yulianna Ortega, STEM Diversity Programs Director


Stacey Sketo-Rosener, Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Advising


Judy Scarborough, Academic Personnel Manager for the Division of Undergraduate Education


Irena Polić, Managing Director, The Humanities Institute


Jan Cloud, Assistant Dean, Arts Division


Wendy Baxter, Director of Academic and CoCurricular Programs


Margie Claxton, Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar


Elaine Kihara, Academic Preceptor, Oakes College


Anne Callahan, Academic Human Resources Manager, Humanities Division


Michael McCawley, Associate Director, Admissions Program


Tanya Honig, Manager, Department of Linguistics


Rosie Cabrera, Director of El Centro, UCSC's Chicano/Latino student resource center


Bob Hastings, Director of Current Students Services, Division of Graduate Studies


Lynne Wolcott, Academic Adviser at Cowell, 1981-2006; Since 2006, campus Coordinator for Academic Advising


Corinne Miller, Director, Services to Transfer and Re-Entry Students (STARS)


Cheryl Perazzo, Scholarships Advisor, Financial Aid Office


Carol Douglas-Hammer, Assistant Director for University Housing Services


Joseph Weiss, Technical Production director and Operations Manager for the Theater Arts Department


Betsy Wootten, Faculty Services Supervisor, Kresge College


David Kirk, Media Specialist, McHenry Library


Nicolette Czarrunchick (Kresge '93, Women's Studies), Manager, Women's Studies Department


Pam Lawson, Manager, Literature Department


Angie Christmann, College Programs Coordinator, Cowell College


Brenda Brown, Academic Advisor, Crown College


Susan F. Curtis, Administrative Manager, Board of Studies in Sociology