Thumbs Up Awards

The Staff Advisory Board started the Thumbs Up Award Program as a way to allow staff members to recognize one another and the amazing work that happens in our community. Traditionally, campus members could submit the information for folks deserving of recognition in the spring, and awards would go out once a year. This small form of recognition can be given to an individual UCSC staff member, a team, or an academic in an administrative role (Dean, Dept. Chair) for special service rendered as a member of the campus community.

This program always received positive feedback. Folks love to recognize the good work they see in others, and recipients feel so special seeing the difference they make to those around them. 

The one change folks consistently asked for was a larger window for nominations and award delivery. Based on this repeated feedback, the Staff Advisory Board is pleased to announce an updated Thumbs Up Award program!

Moving forward, we will accept nominations year-round, and send awards out on a monthly basis. We are so grateful to our community members' consistent engagement and willingness to recognize each other! 

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