Members of the Staff Advisory Board serve on a number of committees during their term on the SAB. Some of these committees are internal to the SAB and relate to either the functioning of the SAB, or programs put on by SAB. Members also serve on campus-wide committees where members serve in an advisory capacity. Descriptions of the current committees (subject to change) can be found below. 

Internal Committees

Communications Committee

This committee oversees communications from the SAB. This includes SAB emails to campus leadership and campus staff/faculty as appropriate. This committee also edits and maintains the SAB website.

Engagement Committee

This committee is addressing both the engagement of SAB members and the wider campus staff in the work that SAB does.

Elections Committee - External

This committee holds the election each year for new members.  They create the call for nominations, create the ballot, do the publicity, tally the votes and send out the results to the nominees.

Elections Committee - Internal

This committee holds the election each year for new SAB leadership roles including chair-elect, secretary and the junior CUCSA delegate.

Finance Committee

This committee is assisting in creating parameters and guidance for the newly created Treasure and Treasure-elect positions. It is also assisting in creating guidelines for new programs which are being funded by the proceeds from the UC Giving Day.

Internal Operations Committee

With our new bylaws in place this committee is helping oversee the creation of structures needed in a variety of internal operation capacities.

Staff Appreciation Picnic

This committee organizes the annual SAB Picnic.  They work with catering acquisition, music, grounds set-up, publicity, security, raffle, vendor tabling.  All members of SAB assist in the picnic, but this committee does the planning and event coordination.  (Committee starts meeting in Winter Quarter and meets until picnic in May.)  All SAB members are expected to work in the set up and take down picnic venue. Typically held on the East field. Student organizations are asked to volunteer to assist in the set up and take down.  Various campus organizations table at the event. The presentation of the Outstanding Staff award is made at the picnic and incoming SAB members for the next year are announced.

Staff Forums

This committee organizes Staff Forums. This typically includes the two Chancellor’s Forums (Winter) (Fall). Other Forums are scheduled as needed; past Fora have included the Diversity Forum (Spring), the Staff Advisor’s to the Regents Staff Forum (usually Spring) and a joint General Forum about Budget with Staff HR (Winter). They will arrange the dates, venue, media service requirements, agenda item recommendation, possible talking points for Chair, and refreshments. SAB does not set the dates. The office of the Chancellor will contact the SAB chair when the time comes.

Staff Blood Drive

SAB members work with the American Red Cross to coordinate scheduling, location, and publicity. For more information visit the Staff Blood Drive webpage.

Thumbs Up Awards

This Committee organizes the annual Thumbs Up Awards process. They oversee the nomination form and send out awards on a regular basis.


External Committees

SAB members belong to a wide variety of committees across campus. Below is a list of current committees (subject to change):

Academic Management Professionals (AMP)

Advisory Committee for Campus Transportation & Parking (ACCTP) 

Chancellor's Achievement Awards for Diversity Committee

Campus Conduct Board

Campus Inclusive Climate Council (CICC)

Campus Safety Community Advisory Board (CCSAB)

Campus Welfare Committee

Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA)

Employee Housing Workgroup

Graduate Student Commons (GSC)

Holiday Food Drive/Second Harvest Food Bank

SAB provides 2 or more volunteers to help plan and execute the UCSC Holiday Foos drive in November/December each year in support of the Second Harvest Food Bank. The Holiday Food Drive is sponsored by University Relations. The current chair as of 2020 is Nathan McCall of the Staff Advisory Board. The committee works with student groups and Mail Services to distribute food donation barrels and collections envelopes that support the Second Harvest Food Bank. Envelopes are paid for by UR. The group typically tables at the Staff Holiday Party and the Friends Holiday Gathering.

Human Resources Advisory Group (HRAG)

Long Range Development Plan

Operations and Employee Recovery And Resiliency Task Force: Community & Morale and Leveraging Opportunities Workgroups

Outstanding Staff Award

Members of the SAB work with the UCSC Alumni Association to review nominations and select top 5 candidates. The award is typically presented at the annual Staff Appreciation Picnic.

Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

United Way Committee

Sponsored by University Relations. The UCSC United Way Santa Cruz campaign generally runs in the Fall for two weeks. The heart of United Way's fundraising efforts is in the workplace. With most of the donations to our United Way being contributed by employees throughout Santa Cruz County, workplace giving is critical to our fundraising success and our ability to meet our goals in our community. 

Wildfire Fund Distribution Committee

Campus Advisory Committee on the Status of Womxn