Committees - SAB

External SAB Elections Committee: This Committee holds the election each year for new members.  They create the call for nominations, create the ballot, do the publicity, tally the votes and send out the results to the nominees.

Internal SAB Elections Committee: This Committee holds the election each year for new SAB leadership roles including chair-elect, secretary and the junior CUCSA delegate.

Staff Advocacy: The Advocacy group has members from the SAB and staff members from across the campus.  Their charge is to promote UCSC and the University to the both the local community and the community at large. Membership is unlimited.

Staff Appreciation Picnic: This Committee organizes the annual SAB Picnic.  They work with catering acquisition, music, grounds set-up, publicity, security, raffle, vendor tabling.  All members of SAB assist in the picnic, but this committee does the planning and event coordination.  (Committee starts meeting in Winter Quarter and meets until picnic in May.)  All SAB members are expected to work in the set up and take down picnic venue. Typically held on the East field. Student organizations are asked to volunteer to assist in the set up and take down.  Various campus organizations table at the event.  The presentation of the Outstanding Staff award is made at the picnic and incoming SAB members for the next year are announced.

Staff Forums: This Committee organizes Staff Forums.  This typically includes the two Chancellor’s Forums (Winter) (Fall). It may also include the Diversity Forum (Spring), the Staff Advisor’s to the Regents Staff Forum (usually Spring) and possibly a joint General Forum about Budget with Staff HR (Winter).  They will arrange the dates, venue, media service requirements, agenda item recommendation, possible talking points for Chair, and refreshments. SAB does not set the dates. The office of the Chancellor will contact the SAB chair when the time comes.

Staff Blood Drive: SAB members work with the American Red Cross to coordinate scheduling, location and publicity.
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Thumbs Up Awards: This Committee organizes the annual Thumbs Up Awards process.  They create the nomination form, set it up on the website, create the announcements, work with IT to tabulate the data.