Staff Mentorship Program

UCSC Mentorship Concept

The UCSC Staff Mentorship Program is a volunteer program that pairs experienced UCSC staff from all campus units with newer staff who are seeking to develop themselves professionally.

The program provides a supportive structure in which participants can cultivate contacts, explore challenges, and enhance effectiveness as they design their personal growth and career paths at UCSC. It also provides the opportunity to gather information, develop peer support, learn more about the function of UCSC, and better understand the UCSC organizational culture and opportunities.

Once pairs are set, mentors and mentees will define the shape and scope of their personal experience. Some pairs may choose more reading suggestions for example, where others may choose to rely exclusively on dialogue. The mentor relationship will technically run for one calendar year.

Program Cycles

The Staff Mentorship Program cycle runs 12 months. The next program cycle will run the Calendar year from Janurary 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022.  The application period will open in Fall quarter - stay tuned for more details. There will be a process where mentors and mentees mix, then mentees will interview several mentor possibilities, submit their preferences, and then be matched with a mentor. 

Who Can Participate

The program encompasses UCSC employees who are policy governed by Professional and Support Staff (PSS) and Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP).

Mentors are experienced UCSC career employees and well-respected advisors, coaches, and colleagues that guide and challenge, and who are willing to share their experiences.

Mentees are UCSC career employees interested in career development and who have relatively fewer years of service. 

Eligibility requirements for 2022 calendar program participants include:

  • Non-represented staff in exempt and non-exempt (report time hourly) payroll titles governed by the Professional and Support Staff (PSS) or Manager and Senior Professional (MSP) policies
  • Supervisor approval
  • Non-probationary Career or partial-year Career status by the start of the mentee program with a current satisfactory (or better) performance evaluation


Before applying, potential mentees should:

How the Program Works

  • Mentees that are accepted for the program will be notified shortly after the application deadline.  Supervisor approval will be required in order to participate in the program.
  • The UCSC Staff Advisory Board will sponsor a networking event to launch the Mentorship Program cycle, at which time mentors and mentees can meet in an informal setting. Mentees and mentors will receive the date, time, and location of this 'Program Kick-Off Reception' via email.
  • Mentees are then expected to arrange meetings in person or by phone with 3 potential mentors. After meeting, mentees and mentors will separately submit their match preferences in ranked order to the UCSC Staff Advisory Board Mentorship Committee. The committee will complete the matching process.
  • Once matching is completed, pairs will be notified and the mentoring process will begin January 1st, 2022.

Once matched, the mentor and the mentee establish mutually agreeable terms for the mentorship relationship. Mentors and mentees meet together on an established schedule for one calendar/fiscal year.